Underwater Love Again.

Photography by Rosie Anderson

So it all started with a Chagall painting of a couple merging into a watery canvas …… Well that what inspired me to try working underwater with couples – and it was that experiment which led to this set of images. – Underwater Love Again.  As a wedding photographer I have an interest in capturing the unspoken connection between two people. It was instantly apparent to me that something about being underwater changed things and made that connection really intense (which was weird because there is absolutely nothing romantic about an underwater shoot!)So it just got me thinking about why that was the case. Maybe capturing that moment in time was made more intense due to the moment being defined by the length of one breath. Maybe it is a trust thing between the couple combined with a change in their sensory experience. Maybe it is that as we are made mostly water ourselves and being immersed creates a connection on a level we don’t realise. ….Maybe not! Or maybe it just doesn’t matter – its all about the chemistry and the H20.

I wanted to get full body shots in the water and the testing pool at Sea & Sea was perfect at four meters in the deep . I have to say it couldn’t have been done without the help of my assistant Jessica Reid. Also huge thanks to Ruben, Ellie and Nelsi who modeled for us.  Also I have to give thanks to Steve Jones, who as a experienced underwater photographer gave me a crash course in underwater colour grading in Photoshop! Also thank you to John and Dominique at Fishleigh house for letting us borrow their beautiful pool for the close up shots. If you make it right down to the end of this post you will find a little video showing how we did it!

{Assistant } – Jessica Reid

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