Film Photography (why I still use film!)

Photography by Rosie Anderson

People are sometimes surprised when they see me loading up a roll of film into my medium format Contax 645 at a wedding. It might even seem like madness amongst all the digital technology but I love it. That’s not to say digital isn’t great too and I do shoot most of my weddings in digital – its so convenient and cheap! But there is something about film that’s just a little bit special – it has a authenitic quality. What you see is what you get.

Fim Photography

Using film is kind of on a par with listening to music on Vinyl it has a quality and tone that some photographers spend a longtime trying to recreate in Photoshop with their digital images. Working with a film camera also keeps you in the moment – your not distracted by always looking at the lcd on the back of the camera. Something about the decisive moment changes when working with film – you are not relying on anything apart from your own craft and I like the simplicity of that. (and the excitement of getting the film back after processing never goes away)

Film is where my heart is – it inspires me.  I like the sound it makes in the camera and it makes me shoot differently and changes the way I approach my subject. Using my medium format film camera at a wedding slows things down and gives the time to makes thoughtful images as an artist. At the moment I shoot my couple shots and film and also lots of the details although in the future I’d love to shoot a whole wedding on film. It makes me really excited to create stuff that I care about so I hope that explains why I still Use Film.

medium format wedding photographyI you are planning a wedding in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset or Dorset and you would like to see some more examples of my film photography see Wedding Sparrow Blog.